About us

The American BBQ EvBBQ Swissents.ch society organises the 1. KCBS BBQ Contest in Switzerland.

KCBS means Kansas City BBQ Society founded in the 1980s is now the biggest bbq association in the world with over 20’000 members fast growing.

Since 2011 there now also BBQ Contest in Europe. In 2015 already 16

Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic.

With Brugg we do have a wonderful place for a contest, near to the river ( AARE ) with a hint of nature in the air.
Brugg does have a long historical history and there ware always many conquerors so we found here an excellent battlefield for the BBQ Conquistadors from all over Europe and America.

  • profil

    Okker Simon Cuiper

    About myself; born in Holland and living in Switzerland since 1976 I founded my own food import company selling now a lot of BBQ stuff from sauce, marinades to BBQ implements. Over more then 15 years I do have experiences in BBQing as a pitmaster or a bbq-judge.